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Beverly Miles for 28th Alderman Chicago 2019


Aldermanic Beverly Miles is a long time resident of the 28th Ward. My family migrated from Clarksdale Mississippi to Chicago’s Westside, 28th ward in 1971. I am campaigning to be elected to the city council (Alderman) because I can do a better job with serving our community. I am not running to build my resume or eventually leave the place I call home. I am simply running as an average citizen fed up with the current system and ineffective alderman. Collectively we will get what we prioritize for our neighborhood as we move forward in removing our dying community off life support. 

The 28th ward needs an alderman who celebrate all parties and refuse to judge anyone, an alderman who will give your concerns an independent voice, a leader who is passionate about the people in the community and a leader who is not afraid to challenge city hall regarding the substandard care our community is currently undergoing. The 28th ward also needs an alderman who is proactive and responsive to the needs of the ward, a person who is visible- approachable and solution focus. I am that alderman unencumbered by political connections and influences. Borrow me for the next 4 years, I work for you and I am your independent voice. Join me as we walk these MILES together and make history like never before. 



  • Double Masters, Nursing from Chamberlain University, Addison Illinois Nursing Informatics and Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Bachelor’s degree, Nursing Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion Indiana
  • Associate Degree, Nursing Kennedy King Community College, Chicago Illinois
  • High School Diploma, John Marshall High School, Chicago Illinois
  • Marconi and Helen Heffernan Elementary School, Chicago Illinois 


Veterans Administration, Hines Illinois (Present) 

Cook County Health and Hospital System 

United States Disable Veteran 

United States Army (Retired)

Major Beverly Miles for Alderman 28th Ward Chicago 2019

Major Beverly Miles for Alderman 28th Ward Chicago 2019


My Vision for the 28th Ward

  1)  Communication Transparency: 

· Remain visible and approachable

· Create a community based advisory board

· Communicate any and all changes effecting our community in a timely manor

· No decision will be made for the community without consulting the community

2)  Create a safe neighborhood:

· Sanitation

· End Car Jacking

· Re-open Community based mental 

3)  Health Centers

· Create more income based substance abuse diversion programs

· Restore people less homes for  homeless people

4)  Property Tax Freeze:

· No more property tax increase

5)  Re-open closed schools:

· Create an Elect School Board

· Bring more attention to math, science, technology and performing art programs in our schools

· Restore vocational programs in our high schools

· Bring back truancy officer

· Advocate for a standalone community vocational program (Everyone is not college bound)

6)  Economic development:

· Create community based businesses own and operated by the community

· Fairness in minority city contracts and job

· Expand second chance programs 

· Vote TIFF monies not only remains in the 28th ward but distributed equally throughout the city of Chicago

7)  End Police Abuse:

· No more Laquan McDonald’s Cover ups

· I support a Citizen Review Board to handle Police Shooting

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